Additional Consulting Services

Human Resources Policy / Employee Handbook Development

We have written dozens of policy manuals and employee handbooks from scratch ensuring our clients are not only fully compliant but also capture the culture of the organization. In fact, Ron Hamilton has authored a how-to book on the subject. Many of our clients already have handbooks but retain us to review their policies and handbooks to ensure that they are compliant and effectively capture the organizational culture.

Employee Relations Consulting

Many of our clients use us as a sounding board on how to handle sensitive employee relations issues. Sometimes it is a 10 minute phone call that will resolve the issue and other times we have had to get involved as a third party to assess the situation and make recommendations.

Audit of HR Policies & Practices

Many of our clients have utilized us to audit their HR practices for compliance and for efficiency and effectiveness. We have a standard process we use to help identify deficiencies and then we make recommendations on how to make corrections. This has saved our clients’ money and headaches from not being in compliance.

Human Resources Best Practices

We have helped HR departments become more effective by providing training in leading edge HR practices. As a result of working with some of the top ranked companies to work for, we have been able to take their practices and modify them for clients with different businesses and cultures.

Merger/Acquisition Transition Services

We have assisted organizations in pre-merger cultural assessments and post-merger integration. This includes policy and compensation/benefits integration as well as creating as smooth as possible transition of people and jobs.

Expert Testimony

Ron Hamilton’s experience, education and his ability to be as current as possible in Human Resources has made him a true expert in the field of Human Resources Management.

Workplace Investigations (compliance, workplace issues such as harassment, ethical violations)

We have been retained by Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams to investigate sensitive workplace issues, some of which have been high profile in the news. Some of these have included alleged unethical hiring violations, sexual harassment cases, abusive management behavior and others. In all instances, we have made recommendations that were diligent, objective and helped resolve the issues effectively.

Interim Human Resources Management

There are times when an organization may be in need of an experienced Human Resources Director or Manager on an interim basis. Because of our experience with so many different kinds of clients we have been able to fill that void. We have had assignments with organizations as large as 2000 employees and others with 75 employees. One of the advantages of this is that we can help with the search process to hire someone who truly would be a great fit for the organization.

Evaluation of HRMS/Payroll Systems

We can help you asses your current systems and recommend changes or new systems altogether. This includes supporting the RFP process, assistance with selection and implementation.

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